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No. 20: Song (Darine)

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As they go off, DARINE enters.

  Triumphant I!
Triumphant I! Here is the charm!
    Now to devise a plan to gain my end:
  If I restore his strong sword arm,
      He will become my friend, my friend.
        But will it gain the love
That I prize all above?
    That all-enthralling love which I would fain
Yield up my very fairyhood to gain!
  And how shall I attain that dream?
    Oh, god of impudence, lend me thine art!
  I have bethought me of a scheme
    That should enchain his heart!
        No matter sin or shame
So, I fulfil my aim —
  The dictates of the heart must be obeyed.
  So, god of impudence, lend me, lend me thine aid!
      Lend me thine aid!
      Triumphant I!
Triumphant I!
Triumphant I!

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