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No. 22: Song (Selene)

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  Hark ye, sir knight. I'll yield my fairy state,
    That I may follow thee to yonder earth,
  And join the whispering band of hidden hate
    Who feed on falsehood and who war with worth;
  The busy band who stab in secrecy;
    The blighting band within whose lips is hung
  The deadliest weapon of earth's armoury!
    A woman's tongue — a woman's blighting tongue!
  The talisman I will so deftly wield
    To twist and turn and torture good to ill,
  That, were it in thy traitor heart to yield
To holy deeds of peace and calm goodwill,
Those deeds should seem of holiness bereft,
    From every form of righteousness averse —
  Thy peace a war — thy charity a theft —
    Thy calm a fury and thy prayer a curse!
Thy prayer, thy prayer a curse!

She throws herself on a bank exhausted.

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