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Dialogue following No. 22


Locrine. Selene, see!
Through the far distant air with rapid flight
Our absent brothers wing their way to us!
These mortals must return to their own earth!

ZAYDA and LUTIN and other Fairies have entered.

Lutin. (shaking them off).
  Now, by my head, but this is welcome news!
Zayda. (horrified).
  Return to earth? No, Lutin, no - not yet!
Life without Lutin, what can that be worth?
Lutin. I cannot tell you, for, I never tried.
Nay, seek not to detain me, I've reformed!
And had I not,
I don't think I could much enjoy myself
In the distracting company of one
Who, if she's not in point of fact my wife, (alluding to DARINE.)
Is so uncomfortably like my wife
That she may be my wife for aught I know!

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