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Gilbert's adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel Great Expectations opened at the Court Theatre on 29 May 1871. It had been intended to produce it at the Gaiety, but J. L. Toole felt that the comedy element was insufficient for that house.

Several of Dickens's novels were adapted for the nineteenth century stage, and whilst Gilbert's adaptation of Great Expectations was considered one of the best, it only met with mitigated success. In producing his adaptation, Gilbert excised several characters, and Miss Haversham, Wemmick, Wopsle and Pumblechook do not appear in the play.

The play held the boards at the Court, accompanied by Gilbert's Creatures of Impulse until the theatre closed for the summer on 24th July . It had recieved an American production in the month following its appearance in London and would be revived in London in 1877.

Script (submitted to the Archive by Joe Giammarco)

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