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From The Times, Monday, March 24, 1879.

To-night Mr. Gilbert’s Gretchen will be produced at the Olympic. The play has been anticipated with, perhaps, more curiosity than any new work which our stage has seen for some time, partly from the abilities of the author and the great care and time that he has bestowed upon its production, both in the study and on the stage; but chiefly, perhaps, because it is known that, while dealing with the familiar legend of Faustus, which Goethe has rendered immortal, Mr. Gilbert has not feared to recast it in a form more suitable, in his judgement, to the requirements of the stage. The experiment is a bold one, undoubtedly, yet as Aytoun’s Cavalier sang,–

“There may be danger in the deed,
“But there is honour too.”

Miss Marion Terry will play the part of Gretchen, Mr. Conway that of Faustus, and Mr. Archer will be the Mephistopheles.

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