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No. 17: Duet (Minestra and Teresa)

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MINESTRA. If I can catch this jolly Jack-Patch —
TERESA.   Ah, me! my heart is weary, oh!
MINESTRA. He’ll go for a year with a flea in his ear!
TERESA.   And my days are dark and dreary, oh!
MINESTRA. He’ll find his joke is a pig in a poke —
TERESA.   For love my soul is aching, oh!
MINESTRA. Though scarce a score, I’m seventy-four! —
TERESA.   And my heart, my heart is breaking, oh!
MINESTRA. When a woman has come to seventy year
It’s well to be withered and old and blear;
But when she is only a score like me,
It’s better a fair young girl to be!
TERESA.   ’Tis well to be young when all is well,
And lovers are true to the tales they tell;

  But ah! when love is a upas tree,   But when she is only a score like me,
  'Tis better an aged dame to be!   It's better a fair young girl to be!

Exeunt together.

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