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Toto. Dressed at last! How do I look, Jelly?

Jelly. Lovely, your Highness!

Toto. Let me see! What did I put this dress on for, Jelly?

Jelly. To be married in, your Highness.

Toto. Of course; I forgot. It’s an awful thing to be married!

Jelly. It’s still more awful not being married, your Highness!

Toto. Do you find that, Jelly?

Jelly. I do, your Highness.

Toto. Well, I suppose you’re right. It’s certainly very pleasant to think that somebody who loves you better than anybody else in the whole world, and who is going to love you like that, only more so, all his life, and isn’t going to care a button for anyone else as long as he lives, is coming all the way, from ever-so-far to marry you because he can’t get on any longer without you.

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