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Dialogue following No. 14

Marco. This is indeed a most delightful surprise!

Tessa. Yes, we thought you'd like it. You see, it was like this. After you left we felt very dull and mopey, and the days crawled by, and you never wrote; so at last I said to Gianetta, "I can't stand this any longer; those two poor Monarchs haven't got any one to mend their stockings or sew on their buttons or patch their clothes — at least, I hope they haven't — let us all pack up a change and go and see how they're getting on." And she said, "Done," and they all said, "Done"; and we asked old Giacopo to lend us his boat, and he said, "Done"; and we've crossed the sea, and, thank goodness, that's done; and here we are, and — and — I've done!

Gianetta. And now — which of you is King?

Tessa. And which of us is Queen?

Giuseppe. —That we shan't know until Nurse turns up. But never mind that — the question is, how shall we celebrate the commencement of our honeymoon? Gentlemen, will you allow us to offer you a magnificent banquet?

Gondoliers. We will!

Giuseppe. Thanks very much; and, ladies, what do you say to a dance?

Tessa. A banquet and a dance! O, it's too much happiness!

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