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Dialogue following No. 18

Margery Abbott as Casilda, 1939
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Duke. (to his attendants) Be good enough to inform His Majesty that His Grace the Duke of Plaza-Toro, Limited, has arrived, and begs —

Casilda. Desires —

Duchess. Demands —

Duke. And demands an audience. (Exeunt attendants.) And now, my child, prepare to receive the husband to whom you were united under such interesting and romantic circumstances.

Casilda. But which is it? There are two of them!

Duke. It is true that at present His Majesty is a double gentleman; but as soon as the circumstances of his marriage are ascertained, he will, ipso facto, boil down to a single gentleman — thus presenting a unique example of an individual who becomes a single man and a married man by the same operation.

Duchess. (severely) I have known instances in which the characteristics of both conditions existed concurrently in the same individual.

Duke. Ah, he couldn't have been a Plaza-Toro.

Duchess. Oh! couldn't he, though!

Casilda. Well, whatever happens, I shall, of course, be a dutiful wife, but I can never love my husband.

Duke. I don't know. It's extraordinary what unprepossessing people one can love if one gives one's mind to it.

Duchess. I loved your father.

Duke. My love — that remark is a little hard, I think? Rather cruel, perhaps? Somewhat uncalled-for, I venture to believe?

Duchess. It was very difficult, my dear; but I said to myself, "That man is a Duke, and I will love him." Several of my relations bet me I couldn't, but I did — desperately!

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