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Dialogue following No. 19

Casilda. My only hope is that when my husband sees what a shady family he has married into he will repudiate the contract altogether.

Duke. Shady? A nobleman shady, who is blazing in the lustre of unaccustomed pocket-money? A nobleman shady, who can look back upon ninety-five quarterings? It is not every nobleman who is ninety-five quarters in arrear — I mean, who can look back upon ninety-five of them! And this, just as I have been floated at a premium! Oh fie!

Duchess. Your Majesty is surely unaware that directly your Majesty's father came before the public he was applied for over and over again.

Duke. My dear, Her Majesty's father was in the habit of being applied for over and over again — and very urgently applied for, too — long before he was registered under the Limited Liability Act.

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