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Dialogue following No. 21

Giuseppe. (to Marco) The old birds have gone away and left the young chickens together. That's called tact.

Marco. It's very awkward. We really ought to tell her how we are situated. It's not fair to the girl.

Giuseppe. Then why don't you do it?

Marco. I'd rather not — you.

Giuseppe. I don't know how to begin. (To Casilda.) Er — Madam — I — we, that is, several of us —

Casilda. Gentlemen, I am bound to listen to you; but it is right to tell you that, not knowing I was married in infancy, I am over head and ears in love with somebody else.

Giuseppe. Our case exactly! We are over head and ears in love with somebody else! (Enter Gianetta and Tessa.) In point of fact, with our wives!

Casilda. Your wives! Then you are married?

Tessa. It's not our fault.

Gianetta. We knew nothing about it.

Gianetta & Tessa. We are sisters in misfortune.

Casilda. My good girls, I don't blame you. Only before we go any further we must really arrive at some satisfactory arrangement, or we shall get hopelessly complicated.

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