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No. 1a: DUET (Lisa & Ludwig)

"Pretty Lisa, fair and tasty"

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Pretty Lisa, fair and tasty,
Tell me now, and tell me truly,
Haven’t you been rather hasty?
Haven’t you been rash unduly?
Am I quite the dashing sposo
That your fancy could depict you?
Perhaps you think I’m only so-so?
(She expresses admiration.)
Well, I will not contradict you!
No, he will not contradict you!


Who am I to raise objection?
I’m a child, untaught and homely –
When you tell me you’re perfection,
Tender, truthful, true, and comely –
That in quarrel no one’s bolder,
Though dissensions always grieve you –
Why, my love, you’re so much older
That, of course, I must believe you!

Yes, of course, she must believe you!

If he ever acts unkindly,
Shut your eyes and love him blindly –
Should he call you names uncomely,
Shut your mouth and love him dumbly –
Should he rate you, rightly – leftly –
Shut your ears and love him deafly.
Ha! ha! ha!
Thus and thus alone
Ludwig’s wife may hold her own!
Thus and thus and thus alone
Ludwig’s wife may hold her own!

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