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"As before you we defile"

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SCENE. – Entrance Hall of the Grand Ducal Palace.

Enter a procession of the members of the theatrical company (now dressed in the costumes of "Troilus and Cressida"), carrying garlands, playing on pipes, citharæ, and cymbals, and heralding the return of Ludwig and Julia from the marriage ceremony, which has just taken place.

The Set for Act II in the Original Production
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As before you we defile,
Eloia! Eloia!
Pray you, gentles, do not smile
If we shout, in classic style, Eloia!

Ludwig and his Julia true
Wedded are each other to –
So we sing, till all is blue,
Eloia! Eloia!
Opoponax! Opoponax!
Opoponax! Eloia! Eloia!
Wreaths of bay and ivy twine,
Eloia! Eloia!
Fill the bowl with Lesbian wine,
And to revelry incline – Eloia!

For as gaily we pass on
Probably we shall, anon,
Sing a Diergeticon –
Eloia! Eloia!
Eloia! Eloia!

Women. Men.
Opoponax! Opoponax! Opoponax!  
Eloia! Opoponax! Opoponax! Opoponax!
Opoponax! Opoponax! Opoponax! Eloia!
Eloia! Eloia! Eloia! Eloia! Eloia! Eloia!

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