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No. 15: RECIT. (Ludwig) & SONG (Lisa)

"Yes, Ludwig and his Julia are mated!...
Take care of him – he’s much too good to live"

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Ludwig. (recit.)
Yes, Ludwig and his Julia are mated!
For when an obscure comedian, whom the law backs,
To sovereign rank is promptly elevated,
He takes it with its incidental drawbacks!
So Julia and I are duly mated!

(Lisa, through this, has expressed intense distress at having to surrender Ludwig.)


Florence Perry as Lisa
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Take care of him – he’s much too good to live,
With him you must be very gentle:
Poor fellow, he’s so highly sensitive,
And O, so sentimental!
Be sure you never let him sit up late
In chilly open air conversing –
Poor darling, he’s extremely delicate,
And wants a deal of nursing!
I want a deal of nursing!

And O, remember this –
When he is cross with pain,
A flower and a kiss –
A simple flower – a tender kiss
Will bring him round again!


His moods you must assiduously watch:
When he succumbs to sorrow tragic,
Some hardbake or a bit of butter-scotch
Will work on him like magic.
To contradict a character so rich
In trusting love were simple blindness –
He’s one of those exalted natures which
Will only yield to kindness!

I only yield to kindness!
And O, the bygone bliss!
And O, the present pain!
That flower and that kiss –
That simple flower – that tender kiss
I ne’er shall give again!

(Exit Lisa, weeping.)

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