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Steve Sullivan: The Web Sites that I know of for Iolanthe are:

Iolanthe Home Page -

Recordings of Iolanthe -

Glossary for Iolanthe

Gilbert & Sullivan Bab Collection - Iolanthe

Does anybody know of any others?

Arthur Robinson: Lisa Berglund wrote: "Hmmm. Given that at the end of the opera "every fairy shall die who don't marry a mortal," and given that Strephon and Phyllis have not yet married, does the curtain fall on Strephon's upper half dropping dead?"

I too have been intrigued by this and other apparent plot inconsistencies in Iolanthe that others on Savoynet have recently mentioned. In Gilbert's original version (from his plot book now in the Pierpont Morgan Library), these inconsistencies did not exist. (In fact I wrote a mini-article on this some years ago; those who are feeling masochistic can find it on the Internet where it is followed by another article by Sarah Cole on a related subject--though my byline disappeared in the web version!).

Updated 28 November 1997