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Judith Weis: TZS (and I) do not like heavy metal, hard rock etc. but he is content to let millions of others love it. I in contrast find it annoying when many of those millions insist on sharing their musical tastes with me when they are driving by in their cars or walking on the street etc.
David Duffey: Let us not curtail the freedom of the individual. Why not walk down Picadilly with the Peers' Chorus playing full blast? I don't like 'Tissers'. When you sit next to them on a 'bus or in the tube, their earphones go, "Tisser, tisser, tisser". I often used to come home and say, "I sat next to another of those tissers today".

Tom Shepard: I agree. I hate being inflicted by noise pollution. Incidentally, a propos of what I said about my not caring about others' opinions----

I have to ament this a little, because if I love something very deeply, I will often try to instill or encourage a shared feeling from them. It was a source of enormous satisfaction, and bonding, when my daughter (with little prodding from me) grew terribly attached to Brahms's German Requiem. For me this work is one of humanity's greatest creations, and when I found I could share this with Elizabeth, it meant, and means, a lot to me.

Updated 28 November 1997