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From the Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England), Monday, November 27, 1882; Issue 7613.

The new operetta, "Iolanthe, or the Peer and the Peri," the joint production of Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan, was brought out at the Savoy Theatre, in London, on Saturday evening, As may be imagined from what is known of "Pinafore," "The Pirates of Penzance," and "The Sorcerer," the plot is of the most whimsical description, and the characters of the most laughter-provoking type. They include a Lord Chancellor a bevy of pretty fairies, an Arcadian shepherd, who has the peculiarity of being immortal as to the upper portion of his frame, but mortal as to his nether limbs; and a detachment of peers, who come in gorgeously robed and wearing their coronets.

The music is very sparkling, and some of the songs exceedingly droll. Mr. Grossmith, who plays the Lord Chancellor, has a song concerning his troubles, which is likely to become as popular as the well-known judge's song in "Trial by Jury":—

The constitutional guardian I,
Of pretty young wards in Chancery,
  All very agreeable girls, and none
Are over the age of twenty-one —
    A pleasant occupation for
A very susceptible Chancellor.

The piece was a marked success.

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