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From The Times, Monday, November 12, 1883.


Iolanthe, which has now passed its 350th representation, was supplemented on Saturday night by a new drawing room entertainment by Mr. George Grossmith entitled The Drama on Crutches, a sketch of the drama as it may be supposed to be 40 years hence when acting is monopolized by the aristocracy and the histrionic methods of the present day survive only in the recollection of old play goers.

The idea of the monologue is a happy one, and is worked out by Mr. Grossmith with much quiet humour and mimetic skill, since he gives us not only Hamlets and Clowns of superfine manners, but excellent burlesque imitations of Irving, Toole, Miss Ellen Terry, Corney Grain, Gilbert, and Sullivan. His happiest effort was a reproduction, with piano accompaniment, of the main characteristics of a Gilbert-Sullivan opera in plot and music, but his individual sketches, particularly those of Mr. Toole and Mr. Corney Grain, created, perhaps, the most amusement, being the most easily recognized.

The sketch was very well received, though from its brevity it may be described as more suitable for a private drawing room than for the stage.

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