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Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England), Tuesday, October 23, 1883; Issue 11163.

When "Iolanthe" was first given in Liverpool, some seven months ago, occasion was taken here to define its characteristics, and so clear must be the recollection of these that it is hardly necessary to emphasise them further. As was said then, "Iolanthe" exhibits Mr. Gilbert in his most whimsical vein, whilst it is impossible to discover a weak joint in the ingeniously pretty structure in which Sir Arthur Sullivan enshrines the sarcasms of his witty colleague.

"Iolanthe" was last night again placed before the public of Liverpool at the Prince of Wales Theatre, whose stage has, if we are not mistaken, been the scene of the original production in this city of all the dramatic works of Gilbert and Sullivan, beginning with "Trial by Jury". There was a large audience, who thoroughly appreciated the literary and musical quality of the piece.

The cast remains unchanged with one exception, Miss Esme Lee now playing Phyllis, a part which was formerly in the hands of Miss Ethel M'Alpine. Mr. F. Thornton repeats his admirable impersonation of the Lord Chancellor, and he, together with Mr. Greyling as Lord Mountararat, Mr. Cadwaladr as Lord Tolloller, Mr. G. Marler as Private Willis, and Miss Fanny Harrison as the Fairy Queen, enjoyed a cordial welcome.

There is an extra performance of "Iolanthe" on Saturday afternoon next.

The Era (London, England), Saturday, October 27, 1883; Issue 2353.


PRINCE OF WALES THEATRE. – Lessee, Mr. Frank Emery; Acting Manager, Mr. C.P. Emery. – Iolanthe is perhaps the best example of the happy results of the combined wit and ingenious musical ability of Gilbert and Sullivan which we possess, and the performance of the opera at Mr. Emery's theatre on Monday evening was attended by success which was gratifying and well deserved. When last represented in Liverpool the work was most cordially recognised as the outcome of genius of which England may be proud, and the strong current of popular favour which has continuously flowed with it in connection with its provincial representations has amply confirmed the verdict given in this city. The fun is worthy of the reputation of the "Bab Ballads" author, and the music of the bright, telling, piquant character which has made Sir Arthur so famous.

The company intrusted with the performance of Iolanthe is, with one exception, precisely the same as that which did good service for the author and composer on a previous occasion, the single change being the appearance of Miss Esme Lee as Phyllis. She sings with intelligence and well-matured cultivation, and her acting is singularly graceful and free from mannerism. Miss Fanny Harrison one more proved a bewitching Queen of the Fairies, and Miss Beatrix Young secured "golden opinions" from all parts of the house by her excellent singing and acting as the heroine. The Lord Chancellor was again impersonated with rich humour by Mr. Frank Thornton; and Mr. F. Fererici's Strephon was full of merit, vocally and histrionically.

Chorus, band, dresses, and scenery were of the best class, and calls were given to the chiefs in the cast at the close of each act.

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