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"F" ('Iolanthe' No. 1) Company in Glasgow.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Tuesday, April 1, 1884; Issue 79.


"Iolanthe" was welcomed back to Glasgow last night by an audience both large and warmly appreciative.

Radical changes have been made in the membership of the company entrusted with the performance of the opera and though these have not in every case been for the better, they are not without some compensating results. For one thing a good deal of new by-play is thrown into the acting and a fresh turn is occasionally given to Mr. Gilbert's jokes. That the opera, on the whole, loses nothing at the hands of the remodelled company may be gathered from the two facts that it seems as bright and merry as ever, and that its production last night was hailed with every evidence of approbation from the audience.

The Queen of the Fairies in the present company is Miss Alice Barnett, the lady who undertook the part in the original production at the Savoy Theatre. Miss Barnett certainly looks a queen among women, and she acts and sings well. Miss Haidee Crofton, a name familiar to Glasgow theatre-goers, is the Iolanthe of the cast, and it goes without saying that she fills the part admirably. The Phyllis of the company is Miss M. Grahame.

Mr. John Wilkinson takes the role of the Lord Chancellor, and he does all that the part demands in making capital fun out of it. Private Willis is, as before, Mr. George Marler, who was cordially recognised last night by all sections of the house. The half mortal, half fairy, Strephon, is personated by Mr. H. D'Egville.

For a first night the opera went remarkably well, and several of the more popular passages had to be repeated. "Iolanthe" will run at Mr. Knapp's house until the end of next week.

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