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"F" ('Iolanthe' No. 1) Company in Dublin

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Tuesday, June 17, 1884; Issue N/A.


Last evening Gilbert and Sullivan's "fairy opera," "Iolanthe," was performed before a crowded audience. It is unnecessary that the occasion was one of considerable interest, for everyone who takes any interest in matters theatrical must have felt pleasure that the miserable fare of last week should be followed by something at least tolerable, and worthy of the reputation of the Gaiety.

The performance is one, generally speaking, of very great merit, and with one or two exceptions, it may be said that the parts are filled as capably even as when the work was presented first in London. From a purely musical point of view the entertainment deserves support for the orchestra is very capable, and the vocalists, although by no means brilliant, are at least efficient and painstaking. The scenic arrangements are good, the dresses appropriate and picturesque, and the singing, if not very good, deserves at least to be described as meritorious, and entitled to applause.

The Era (London, England), Saturday, June 21, 1884; Issue 2387.



GAIETY THEATRE. — Mr. Michael Gunn, Proprietor; Mr. M.J. Doyle, General Manager. — Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe is once more on these boards, with some "old familiar faces," notably Miss Marion Grahame, who sustains her part as Phyllis (as on the former occasion) with much ability and grace, Mr. Hervet D'Egville does fairly well as Strephon; Mr. John Wilkinson is the Lord Chancellor; Miss Alice Barnett looks splendid as the Queen, Miss Haidee Crofton is perfect as Iolanthe.

Cups and Saucers is the opening piece, in which Miss E Gwynne, Miss Vincent, and Mr. E. Vernon appear.

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