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Staffordshire Sentinel Review

Thursday, 16 Nov 1895. Page 4
Mr. D'Oyly Carte's Opera Company At Hanley

Continuing their attractive program at the Hanley Theatre Royal, Mr. D'Oyly Carte's Company last evening gave "Iolanthe." There was by no means a full house, and this is to be regretted, for the performance proved to be a musical treat which is likely to linger in the memory of those who heard it. The principals of the company are so well known in North Staffordshire, and so much has been said already in praise of them, that mere mention of the names is sufficient to indicate that full justice was done to the delightful fairy opera. Sir Arthur Sullivan's tuneful numbers never could have been heard, indeed, to much greater advantage, and from the first to last each member of the company worthily maintained the high reputation which it has by previous successes gained.

Miss Esme Lee's Phyllis was an impersonation full of charm and grace and the music of the shepherdess was given with singular sweetness. As Iolanthe, Miss Dorothy Vane won unanimous approval, and, as could scarcely fail to be the case with such an accomplished artiste, sang her beautiful song of supplication to the Chancellor in a manner which entirely captivated the house.

Mr. George Thorne's Lord Chancellor is too well known to need any commendation. His songs were given with rare humour and effect. Mr. Thos. Redmond was an admirable Strephon, and sang his music faultlessly. Miss Kate Forster was not a whit less successful as the queen of the fairies, a role in which her commanding presence helps her considerably.

Mr. A. Kavanagh and Mr. Richard Clarke were the earls, and Mr. Fred Billington the Private Willis, and the vocal abilities of each were displayed, to the very best advantage.

Today there is a matinee, "The Sorcerer," and this evening "The Mikado" will be repeated.

This review was submitted to the G&S Archive by Louis Silverstein.

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