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Nos. 23-4: RECIT. & BALLAD (Iolanthe)
RECIT. (Iolanthe, Queen, Lord Chancellor & Fairies)
"My Lord, a suppliant at your feet...
He loves...
It may not be, for so the fates decide"

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Iolanthe (kneeling)
My lord, a suppliant at your feet I kneel,
Oh, listen to a mother’s fond appeal!
Hear me to-night! I come in urgent need –
’Tis for my son, young Strephon, that I plead!

He loves! If in the bygone years
Thine eyes have ever shed
Tears – bitter, unavailing tears,
For one untimely dead –
If, in the eventide of life,
Sad thoughts of her arise,
Then let the memory of thy wife
Plead for my boy – he dies!

Marjorie Eyre as Iolanthe (1930s)
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Joyce Wright as Iolanthe (1950s)

He dies! If fondly laid aside
In some old cabinet,
Memorials of thy long-dead bride
Lie, dearly treasured yet,
Then let her hallowed bridal dress –
Her little dainty gloves –
Her withered flowers – her faded tress –
Plead for my boy – he loves!

The Lord Chancellor is moved by this appeal. After a pause.

Lord Chancellor.
It may not be – for so the fates decide!
Learn thou that Phyllis is my promised bride.
Iolanthe (in horror)
Thy bride! No! No!
Lord Chancellor.
It shall be so!
Those who would separate us woe betide!
My doom thy lips have spoken –
I plead in vain!
Fairies. (without)
Forbear! Forbear!
A vow already broken
I break again!
Fairies. (without)
Forbear! Forbear!
For him – for her – for thee
I yield my life.
Behold – it may not be!
I am thy wife.
Aiaiah! Aiaiah! Aiaiah!
Willaloo! Willaloo!
Lord Chancellor, (recognizing her)
Iolanthe! thou livest?
I live! Now let me die!

Enter Fairy Queen and Fairies. Iolanthe kneels to her.

Once again thy vows are broken:
Thou thyself thy doom hast spoken!
Aiaiah! Aiaiah!
Aiaiah! Aiaiah!
Willahalah! Willaloo!
Willahalah! Willaloo!
Bow thy head to Destiny:
Death thy doom, and thou shalt die!
Aiaiah! Aiaiah!
Aiaiah! Aiaiah!
Willahalah! Willaloo!
Willahalah! Willaloo!
Martyn Green & Marjorie Eyre (1939)
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This MIDI song file was originally sequenced by Colin Johnson.

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