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7.1 Film

David Duffey wrote: I remember my father telling me that he first saw the Martyn Green Mikado film at a mid-afternoon performance with only about three people in the audience. He recalled that a frame went up at the start of the film stating that, in the event of sufficient applause, encores would be performed. Of course there was no applause at all, but "Here's a " and "Flowers that bloom" were afforded encores. Certainly the movie does repeat those numbers, but does the frame about encores remain?

Jeff DeMarco replied: No! I thought they were supposed to be there, having read about it somewhere. I checked the "Here's a Howdy Do" autobiog, and it wasn't in there, so it must have been in MG's Treasury. Has anyone noticed that the pre-Green version is available in abundant supply in used book stores, but MG's edition with the libretti and annotations never seems to turn up! I have been looking for this for years.

Page created 17 March 1999