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First Night Cast

The Mikado was first produced at the Savoy Theatre, London, on 14 March 1885 with the following cast:

Early Programme
Mikado Programme
The Mikado of Japan Mr. Richard Temple
Nanki‑Poo(his Son disguised as a wandering minstrel and in love with Yum‑Yum) Mr. Durward Lely
Ko‑Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu) Mr. George Grossmith
Pooh‑Bah (Lord High Everything Else) Mr. Rutland Barrington
Pish‑Tush (a Noble Lord) Mr. Frederick Bovill
Yum‑Yum Three Sisters — Wards of Ko‑Ko Miss Leonora Braham
Pitti‑Sing Miss Jessie Bond
Peep‑Bo Miss Sybil Grey
Katisha (an elderly Lady, in love with Nanki‑Poo) Miss Rosina Brandram

Chorus of School‑Girls, Nobles, Guards & Coolies

Act I Courtyard of Ko‑Ko's Official Residence

Act IIKo‑Ko's Garden

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