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The Mikado

Thursday, 20 March 1902, pg 4
Hanley Theatre Royal

Last night, the third of the visits of the D'Oyly Carte Company to Hanley, was devoted to a performance of "The Mikado." That this remains on of the most popular operas produced in collaboration by Gilbert and Sullivan was testified by the large "house," which made it a point to let none of the multiplicity of humourous situations in which the piece abounds go by without exhibiting its approval in the customary manner. The picturesqueness of the play was strongly emphasised in the ensembles, the grouping of the chorus, the pretty Oriental dresses, the constant ripple of a galaxy of fans, and the appropriate scenery, all combining in the production of a picture which was entirely charming. Prominent in the cast was Mr. C. A. Workman, who made a most entertaining Lord High Executioner. Pooh-Bah, "The Lord High Everything Else," was portrayed by Mr. Fred Billington, and Mr. Scrope Quintin made an imposing and fearsome Mikado, whose "Punishment Fit The Crime" song was a great success. Much work fell upon the graceful shoulders of Miss Lina Carr as Yum-Yum. Miss Carr with Miss Ethel Beech and Miss Norah Maguire, who made up the "Three Little Maids From School," provided much of the sparkling humour in which the opera abounds. The piece ran very smoothly, and the slackness manifested at the earlier performances this week was noticeable for its absence.
This review was submitted to the G&S Archive by Louis Silverstein.

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