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Dialogue following No. 6

Enter Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko, and Pitti-Sing. All kneel. Pooh-Bah hands a paper to Ko-Ko.

Donald Adams as The Mikado, 1966

Ko-Ko. I am honoured in being permitted to welcome your Majesty. I guess the object of your Majesty's visit — your wishes have been attended to. The execution has taken place.

Mikado. Oh, you've had an execution, have you?

Ko-Ko. Yes. The Coroner has just handed me his certificate.

Pooh-Bah. I am the Coroner. (Ko-Ko hands certificate to Mikado.)

Mikado. And this is the certificate of his death. (reads) "At Titipu, in the presence of the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief
Justice, Attorney-General, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Lord Mayor, and Groom of the Second Floor Front —"

Pooh-Bah. They were all present, your Majesty. I counted them myself.

Mikado. Very good house. I wish I'd been in time for the performance.

Ko-Ko. A tough fellow he was, too — a man of gigantic strength. His struggles were terrific. It was a remarkable scene.

Mikado. Describe it.

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