The Gilbert and Sullivan Newsletter Archive


No 45 Autumn 1997     Edited by Michael Walters


CLIFF JONES, Welsh Rugby player, died on 27 November 1990. (The Times 30 November 1990). He was the nephew of Bessie Jones, the soprano who sang in a number of the first complete recordings of the G&S operas.

JOHN HEDDLE NASH died from a heart attack on 29 September 1994. He was born on 30 March 1928, the son of the tenor Heddle Nash. In the Sadlers Wells production of The Mikado in the early 1960s, he was able to turn the role of Pish-Tush from a minor to a major role, but apparently was not popular with his colleagues. (His performance as Pish-Tush is captured on record). Very varying opinions exist as to his manner and work. one friend of mine, who saw him in concert some years after The Mikado, described him as a "fat, affected baritone", but on the occasions when I saw him perform for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, he seemed a rather sad man, living in his past, and definitely leaning on the reputation of his father.

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