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Dialogue following No. 2

Angela. Ah, Patience, if you have never loved, you have never known true happiness! (All sigh.)

Lady Jane (Dorothy Gill) and Patience
(Muriel Dickson) (1932-3)
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Patience. But the truly happy always seem to have so much on their minds. The truly happy never seem quite well.


Jane. There is a transcendentality of delirium - an acute accentuation of supremest ecstasy - which the earthy might easily mistake for indigestion. But it is not indigestion -it is aesthetic transfiguration! (to the others) Enough of babble. Come!

Patience. But stay, I have some news for you. The 35th Dragoon Guards have halted in the village, and are even now on their way to this very spot.

Angela. The 35th Dragoon Guards!

Saphir. They are fleshly men, of full habit!

Ella. We care nothing for Dragoon Guards!

Patience. But, bless me, you were all engaged to them a year ago!

Saphir. A year ago!

Angela. My poor child, you don't understand these things. A year ago they were very well in our eyes, but since then our tastes have been etherealized, our perceptions exalted. (to the others) Come, it is time to lift up our voices in morning carol to our Reginald. Let us to his door!

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