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No. 8: Duet (Patience and Grosvenor)

"Prithee, pretty maiden"

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Grosvenor (Kenneth Sandford) and Patience (Mary Sansom) (1961-2)
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Prithee, pretty maiden — prithee, tell me true,
(Hey, but I'm doleful, willow willow waly!)
Have you e'er a lover a-dangling after you?
Hey willow waly O!
I would fain discover
If you have a lover!
Hey willow waly O!

Gentle sir, my heart is frolicsome and free —
(Hey, but he's doleful, willow willow waly!)
Nobody I care for comes a-courting me —
Hey willow waly O!
Nobody I care for
Comes a-courting — therefore,
Hey willow waly O!


Prithee, pretty maiden, will you marry me?
(Hey, but I'm hopeful, willow willow waly!)
I may say, at once, I'm a man of propertee —
Hey willow waly O!
Money, I despise it;
Many people prize it,
Hey willow waly O!

Gentle Sir, although to marry I design —
(Hey, but he's hopeful, willow willow waly!)
As yet I do not know you, and so I must decline.
Hey willow waly O!
To other maidens go you —
As yet I do not know you,

Hey willow waly O!

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