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From the Isle of Man Times and General Advertiser, 16 July 1881

"THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE." — It is rarely that insular playgoers have the opportunity to enjoy in this town such excellent operatic music as that which has been provided by Mr. Elphinstone at the Gaiety Theatre during the past week. Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan's latest London success, "The Pirates of Penzance," as represented by Mr. D'Oyly Carte's company at this theatre, must be ranked amongst the successes of the season; and the patronage that has been accorded to Mr. Elphinstone's expensive venture must be taken as an earnest of the wish of the public to support every effort that has for its object the representation of the latest and best productions of the play wrights.

The company has evidently been well selected, and several of its members give good promise of still further successes. Mr. Walter Greyling, as The Major General, faithfully presented the creation of the author; and Mr. George B. Browne, as The Pirate King, sustained the character in a manner that showed a careful study of the part allotted to him. Miss Ethel McAlpine as the general's daughter, and Miss Madge Evans, as the "piratical maid of all work," acted carefully throughout, and were well sup ported by Miss Kate Cohen, as Edith; Miss Constance Snow, as Kate; and Miss Hutchinson, as Isabel. Mr. Jas. Sydney made a favourable impression as "the pirate apprentice" and the role of "lieutenant" was well sustained by Mr. F. Federici, and Mr. H. Cooper Cliffe infused just sufficient "business” into the character of the Sergeant of Police as to render it amusing without being at all exaggerated.

Although the company was not assisted by a very powerful band, the choruses were given in excellent time and tune, and were repeatedly redemanded by the audience. Next week Offenbach's comic opera of "La fille de Tambour Major" will be produced, and lovers of good and sparkling music, interspersed with amusing dialogue, should not miss the opportunity of visiting the Gaiety.

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