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From the Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), Tuesday, May 15, 1883; Issue 4370.

The Cardiff public have had an opportunity of witnessing Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" before now but that fact did not in the least militate against the general enjoyment on Whit Monday afternoon and evening. Contrary to the time-honoured adage, they think it quite impossible to have too much of a good thing; a verdict with which, on the whole, we most cordially agree.

Having done so before, it is unnecessary for us now to even sketch the plot of the "Pirates of Penzance." There are very few opera-goers who do not know the piece quite as well as we do ourselves. We will, therefore, be content with remarking that the various characters of the piece received admirable interpretation on Monday evening at the hands of the artistes amongst whom they were distributed.

Mr. John Le Hay made a most excellent Major General Stanley, while Mr. B. P. Sutton showed to advantage as the Pirate King. The Samuel of Mr. Edgar Manning, Mr. Cooper's Frederic, and Mr. Leonard Roche's Sergeant of Police are also deserving of notice.

Miss Joan Rivers, in consequence of indisposition, was unable to appear in her part of Mabel, an understudy which was efficiently rendered by a lady substitute, whose name has unfortunately escaped us. It is hoped that by this (Tuesday) evening Miss Rivers, of whose powers as an actress and vocalist report speaks very highly, will be able to resume her old place.

The other characters included Miss Alice Yorke as Edith, Miss Freda Bevan as Kate, Miss Florence Harcourt, as Isabel, and Miss Armytage as Ruth, together with a full chorus of pirates, police, &c.

The piece was very effectively mounted, as is invariably the case at this theatre. There was a capital house at both matinée and evening performance on Monday.

We would again remind our readers that on Friday and Saturday the same author and composer's "Pinafore" will be produced, a special morning performance having been arranged for the last-mentioned of these days.

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