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Dialogue following No. 5

Kate. What a picturesque spot! I wonder where we are!

Edith. And I wonder where Papa is. We have left him ever so far behind.

Isabel. Oh, he will be here presently! Remember poor Papa is not as young as we are, and we came over a rather difficult country.

Kate. But how thoroughly delightful it is to be so entirely alone! Why, in all probability we are the first human beings who ever set foot on this enchanting spot.

Isabel. Except the mermaids – it’s the very place for mermaids.

Kate. Who are only human beings down to the waist!

Edith. And who can’t be said strictly to set foot anywhere. Tails they may, but feet they cannot.

Kate. But what shall we do until Papa and the servants arrive with the luncheon?

Edith. We are quite alone, and the sea is as smooth as glass. Suppose we take off our shoes and stockings and paddle?

All. Yes, yes! The very thing!

They prepare to carry, out the suggestion. They have all taken off one shoe, when FREDERIC comes forward from cave.

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