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In May 1903, Issue 10 of Play Pictorial featured this opera. The opera is of particular interest because it includes so many of the original Savoyards in its cast. Tuck almost immediately produced two series of cards, offered as sets of 12 in sixpenny packets in Issue 10 itself. These Tuck cards are not individually numbered.

And, as will be seen from the list below, Tuck was not the only publisher!

Tuck Series 10I and 10II

>Puck & Kenna
10 I
Agnes Fraser: Kenna
(Act I - closeup)
10 I
Walter Passmore: Puck,
Agnes Fraser: Kenna.
‘Find someone that Azuriel will think is Albion and see married to some mortal maid by my connivance.’
Jolly Sailormen Puck & Jelf
10 I
Powis Pinder: Bill Blake,
Henry Lytton: William Jelf,
Charles Childerstone: Will Weatherly, Rudolph Lewis: Jem Johnson.
‘We're four jolly sailormen.’
10 I
Walter Passmore: Puck,
Henry Lytton: William Jelf A.B.
‘That is my daughter ...’
Nell Reddish Joy & Brook
10 I
Rosina Brandram: Nell Reddish
(Act II)
10 I
Louie Pounds: Joy Jellicoe,
Robert Evett: Lieutenant Brook Green. ‘Seven o'clock in the evening upon a day in June.’

Tuck's ‘Oilette’ Stage Favourites


Rotary published two sets: in the first series they simply used consecutive numbers, in the second they identified the series by a number and the individual card by a letter. The cards were much reprinted and recycled - in artists' series, as bookmarks and as miniatures.

J.B. & Co (Beagles)

M.E. & Co (Ettlinger)

These photographs were taken on stage. The titles listed below are part of a large series, possibly six for each of the two acts.


The Wrench Series

Other Publishers


1. Agnes Fraser created the part of Kenna. She was, due to illness, replaced by Constance Drever and Isabel Agnew during the run. All three took part in the tour.

All Play Pictorial pictures show Agnes Fraser as Kenna; in the magazine there actually is a photograph of Constance Drever in the role of Peaseblossom. A Play Pictorial advertisement offers sheet music for Constance Drever singing the song ‘Twin Butterflies’. In libretto and vocal score, this song is sung by Kenna, not Peaseblossom.

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