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(Chappell Piano/Vocal Score)


(Vocal Issues, LP only)

LP: 16/2/1

Chorus, n2: The lyric should be "come," not "comes" (grammatically matching Hildebrand's "bring" in the previous line).

LP: 52/2/2

Sopranos, Altos, n1-3: Lyric should be "triolet," not "violet."

LP: 120/1/4

Melissa, n2: The note on "the" should be B-flat (a whole step higher than printed), as in verse 2.

LP: 126/2/3

Melissa, n3: The lyric should be "roast," not "roost."

LP: 127/3/5

Blanche, n3: The lyric should be "my," not "her." (Same error at 130/3/2.)

LP: 128/2/1

Melissa, Blanche, n2: The lyric should be "Sing," not "And."

LP: 171/3/1

Men, n2: Lyrics should be "Their banners," not "Our banners."

LP: 171/3/3

Men, n4: Lyrics should be "They fearlessly unfurl," not "We fearlessly unfurl."

LP: 174/1/6

Tenors, n1: The note should be F, a third higher than the printed D.

LP: 176/1/1

Chorus: The tie marks leading into this bar from the previous page are missing. In the case of the Altos, this gives the note the appearance of being A-flat, instead of (as it should be) A-natural.

LP: 176/1/2

Altos: The tie mark connecting the A-flat into the next bar is missing.

LP: 189/2/4

Gama, n1: The "piano" sign is missing from the vocal line (it's present in the other verses at this point in the music).

LP: 205/3/1

Arac, n1: The D should be an eighth note beamed to the following two 16th-notes. The beam is missing, making it look like a quarter note.

LP: 206/1/1

Chorus, n2: The lyric should be "they," not "we."

(Piano Issues, LP only)

LP: 7/5/4

LH, n1: Middle note in chord should be D, not F.

LP: 12/3/1

Piano, n2: There should be a "p" dynamic on the second beat (present in SP).

LP: 31/1/4

LH, n5: Upper note should be F, not Eb (as in 30/1/1).

LP: 36/3/1

RH, n5: This note is missing the courtesy A-flat which the editor chose to include in verses 2-3. It would have been more useful to include it in the first verse, and omit it from the next two.

LP: 36/4/1

RH, n1: The first-line E-flat is missing. (Compare surrounding bars.)

LP: 54/2/2

RH, n1: The sharp sign appears to be in line with the C note. It's actually meant for the D note. The correct chord is (bottom to top) F#-C-D#-A.

LP: 56/2/3

LH, n4: The fourth beat should be another F chord, not a C7. (Printed correctly in the second verse.)

LP: 56/3/1

RH, n3, 5, 7: These notes should be octave E's, as in the previous bar. (Correct in the 2nd verse.)

LP: 64/4/1

Piano, n1: The B-flat in the RH should be a quarter note; the D in the LH should be an eighth note, beamed to the following F in the RH.

LP: 65/3/1

RH, n1: The top F should be an eighth note, as shown in SP, rather than a dotted quarter note. Same in repeat. (Marc Shepherd confirmed this point in the autograph.)

LP: 72/2/1

Piano: fp on beat 3 is misplaced. Should be on beat 1 of 72/2/2.

LP: 72/2/2

RH, n1: SP has an accent (missing in LP), reemphasizing the fp.

LP: 84/4/2

RH, n1: There should be a flat sign over the trill, indicating Eb as the upper note.

LP: 85/3/2

RH, n1: There should be a flat sign over the trill, indicating Db as the upper note.

LP: 85/4/2

Same as previous issue.

LP: 101/3/5

RH, n1: Trill sign omitted.

LP: 128/2/3

Piano, n3: The articulation sign "ten." (tenuto) is missing. It's present in both verses in SP, and in the second verse in LP.

LP: 131/2/3

Piano: The "forte" mark appears on beat 3 of this bar, instead of on beat 1 of the next bar.

LP: 133/3/2

Piano: The "piano" mark appears on beat 4 of this bar, instead of on beat 1 of the next bar.

LP: 141/3/1

LH, n1: The bottom note of the chord is missing a flat sign; it should be D-flat. It's present in SP, but its proximity to the B-flat in the key signature at the beginning of the system evidently confused the LP transcriber into mistaking it for part of the key signature, so that it was overlooked and omitted.

LP: 170/2/4

LH, n3: The F is incorrect; it should be a G (a whole step higher).

LP: 171/1/2

RH, n1: The D is missing a flat sign.

LP: 172/2/1

Piano: The "piano" mark is imprecisely placed between n1 and n2. This is very sloppy notation, making the dynamics far from clear. The first chord is part of the fortissimo passage begun in the previous bar, and the second note is subito piano. The "piano" mark should be placed clearly and unmistakably on the second note (as it is in SP).

LP: 191/2/2

Piano: The "piano" sign is missing (present in SP).

LP: 202/1/2

Piano: There should be a "forte" mark on beat 4.

LP: 204/3/1

RH, n2-6: The notation is incorrect, due to the transcriber's complete misunderstanding of SP's somewhat substandard layout of this bar.
The correct notes are as follows:

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