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(Chappell Piano/Vocal Score)


SP: 13/3/2
LP: 19/3/2

Chorus, n4: There should be no comma after "knell" ("His funeral knell Shall strike him with dismay!")

SP: 14/1/1
LP: 20/2/1

Chorus, n3: There should be no comma after "string" ("As up we string The faithless King")

SP: 24/3/4
LP: 35/2/1

Principals, n1: There should be a comma instead of a period after "is." (LP also incorrectly adds a period after "is" in the chorus.)

SP: 39/3/4
LP: 59/1/4

Chorus note assignations: Sopranos and Altos, hitherto referred to as "Girls," have now become "Ladies." It would have been more consistent (and polite) to refer to them as "Ladies" from the outset. The men, after all, have always been "Men." (Apart from the Three Brothers, who are differentiated in the final bass clef assignation, labeled "Arac, Guron, Scyn. & Men.")

SP: 91/1/3
LP: 140/2/2

Cyril, n2: There should be a comma after "Please you." Comma also missing eight bars later.

SP: 123/4/1
LP: 192/4/4

Ida, n3: "Cloak" is misspelled as "cloke." (Also two bars later.) Or perhaps Gilbert wrote it that way. (He wrote "weazels in their slumbers" in #12!)

SP: 127/3/1
LP: 198/1/1

Chorus, n3: "Molly-coddle" is misspelled as "molley coddle." (Also eight bars later.)

SP: 133/1/4
LP: 208/2/2

Chorus: Gilbert was careful to place a colon after the transitive verb "ejaculate." In the vocal score it has been heedlessly changed to an exclamation point, thus perilously obscuring the intended object of that particular verb. The phrase is misconstrued easily enough by the casual auditor; the performers, at least, should be in no doubt as to the meaning of what they are singing!

SP: 49/5/1

Ida, n2: Should be a comma after "shrine."

SP: 74/1/1

Cyril, n2-3: The punctuation is reversed on these two notes. It's printed as "quainted! O," instead of "quainted, O!"

SP: 131/2/3

Arac, n3-4: "One's" is misspelled (missing the apostrophe).

LP: 9/2/6

Chorus, n2: There should be a dash after the lyric "them," separating the foregoing phrase from the subsequent one (which begins with "consequently").

LP: 16/1/4

Hildebrand, n4: There should be a period after "cheer," not a comma.

LP: 67/2/5

Psyche: "Bowdlerized" misspelled as "Bowdlerised." (Same in chorus repeat.)

LP: 68/1/2

Sacharissa, n4: Apostrophe missing from "that's."

LP: 71/2/2

Altos: Period omitted after final "impart."

LP: 81/1/3

Blanche, n2: Should be an upper-case I on "Imperfect," per the libretto.

LP: 87/4/2

Hilarion: "Perpetual Motion" is incorrectly printed in all lower-case letters.

LP: 137/3/2

Cyril, n2: There should be an exclamation point after "Cheeks must flush for shame-a," and not a question mark.

LP: 201

Heading: Since it's really Arac's solo, it should say "(Arac, with Guron, Scynthius and Chorus)", not "(Arac, Guron, Scynthius and Chorus)".


Numbers 22-23:

In the vocal score, #22 is Gama's song, #23 is Ida's. In the libretto, those two are in reversed order.

Marc Shepherd comments:

"In the original vocal score and libretto, #22 is Ida’s song, and #23 is Gama’s song. In later vocal scores and librettos, they are reversed.

The switch is a reasonable one, and it is not inconceivable that Gilbert & Sullivan would have thought of it. However, I haven’t found any hard evidence to support this view, so I have to assume it was introduced for the 1919 revival."

This conclusion is not inconsistent with that of Ian Bradley who, in his "Complete Annotated Gilbert and Sullivan," states that the order was changed sometime before the recordings made in the inter-war years, but that the original order was reinstated in the 1954 revival.

(Thanks to Paul Howarth for pointing this out to me.)

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