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Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England), Tuesday, January 8, 1884; Issue 11229.


Gilbert and Sullivan's new play or opera, "Ida," the burlesque upon Tennyson's "Princess," is both surprising and disappointing. Mr. Gilbert's part in it disappoint's most. The fun will somehow not run out spontaneously; and the inversions are not so humorous as usual. There is no very taking song. Nor is there any poetic touch in the play. All the poetry with which Tennyson invests the story is gone. On the other hand, Sir Arthur Sullivan's music is in one sense better than in any other play. It is more elaborately conceived; it is more learned in style. But the same themes seem to be worked out anew, and what he makes up in work, Sir Arthur seems to have lacked in invention.

Of course everybody will go to see "Ida," though I doubt if it will give us another catchword, and whether in the end it will hold its own. It will succeed now because it is a fashion.

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