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"A" ('Princess Ida' No. 2) Company in Devonport

The Era (London, England), Saturday, July 12, 1884; Issue 2390.

NEW THEATRE. – Lessee and Manager, Mr. F. Neebe; Acting Manager, Mr. F. Holt. – Mr. D'Oyly Carte's Princess Ida company were accorded a very friendly reception on Monday night, and the opera itself was received with great enthusiasm. Selections from military bands stationed here have made the public pretty familiar with the music, and so the Princess came, as it were, with the advantage of a prior introduction. Encores throughout the piece were more numerous than altogether desirable to the company, however flattered they may have felt by the compliment.

Miss Florence Dysart, who plays the Princess, does so with very graceful action, and sings with a charming, flexible, and tuneful voice, and she is supported very effectively by Miss Ada Doree as Lady Blanche, Miss Marie Wynter as Lady Psyche, Miss K. Forster as Melissa, Miss Buckingham as Sacharissa, and Miss M. Lennox as Chloe.

Mr. Cecil Burt's Hilarion is a very finished performance, but he has a tendency to sing flat at times that is somewhat distressing. His two companions, Cyril and Florain, are cleverly represented by Mr. Frank Boyle and Mr. Hugh Seton. Mr. David James, jun., is not altogether the Gama one could wish, nor is Mr. Charles Goold sufficiently impressive as King Hildebrand, but both contribute fairly to the general effect. Arac, Guron, and Scynthius, the trio of comic guards, are represented by Mr. E. Thompson, Mr. Winterbottom, and Mr. T.N. Mounsey in the most amusing manner, and chorus, costumes, appointments, &c., being all new and bright, the opera goes merrily as a marriage bell.

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