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"D" ('Princess Ida' No. 1) Company in Glasgow

The Era (London, England), Saturday, September 6, 1884; Issue 2398.

ROYALTY. – Lessee and Manager, Mr. E. L. Knapp. – There is perhaps no more enjoyable entertainment to be found than a good representation of one of Gilbert and Sullivan's comedy-operas. Princess Ida, if not the most humorous or best written, is certainly not the least tuneful of the series of popular works the gentlemen named have given to the stage, and its reception when revived here on Monday evening before a large audience was most gratifying.

With two exceptions Mr. D'Oyly Carte's company remains the same as it was last spring. Hilarion now finds a pleasing exponent in Mr. J. Wilbraham, and Lady Psyche is played by Miss E. Carstairs.

Otherwise the cast remains as before, Messrs. Billington and Fisher still representing the Kings Hildebrand and Gama with great success. Miss Esme Lee is as charming a Princess as heretofore; and Miss Fanny Edwards, both vocally and histrionically, is all that could be desired in the role of Lady Blanche.

The singing is in several instances better than the acting, which is not without room for improvement so far as one or two members of the company are concerned. The mounting is excellent.

The Era (London, England), Saturday, September 13, 1884; Issue 2399.

ROYALTY. – Lessee and Manager, Mr. E. L. Knapp. – The charming Gilbert-Sullivan comedy-opera Princess Ida continues to attract and delight large audiences.



This match was played on the United Northern Ground at Glasgow on September 4th, and resulted in a very easy victory for the "Princess Ida" by 208 runs. A special interest was attached to this match from the fact that neither club has been beaten this season by a bonâ fide theatrical team. Messrs. White, Hart, and Tetley batted well for their respective scores, and Mr. Cramer took 5 wickets in 4 overs for 5 runs. Score:–
"Princess Ida."– R. Redford, c Lockett, b Collins, 0; H. Tetley, c Collins, b Shelton, 33; W. Brownlow, c Lockett, b Shelton, 9; C. Fisher, c Lockett, b Shelton, 0; A. Hart, st Shelton, b Collins, 55; A. Cramer, b Collins, 6; E. White, not out, 85; C. Prescott, c Hay, b Lester, 15; H. Poole, b Lester, 15; D. Jeffery, c and b Lester, 0; A. Hendon, c and b Shelton, 5; extras, 5; total, 228.
"Taken from Life." – B. Shelton, b Redford, 0; C. Collins, run out, 0; J. Hay, b Redford, 0; J. Deans, b Redford, 4; H. Laughlan, b Cramer, 0; J. Lockett, b Cramer, 0; G. Lester, c Fisher, b Cramer, 13; C. Lockett, not out, 1; S. Sarl, c Hart, b Cramer, 0; R. Barrington, b Cramer, 0; J. Wallace, absent, 0; extras, 2, total, 20.


The return match between these two companies was played in the Queen's Park, Glasgow, on September 5th, and left drawn. The "Princess Ida" occupied the wickets the whole day and compiled the large score of 324 runs for 5 wickets. Messrs White and Tetley again batted splendidly, and put on 200 runs during their partnership. Score:–
"Princess Ida." – R. Redford, b Shelton, 21; A. Hart, b Shelton, 45; W. Brownlow, c and b Collins, 25; H. Tetley, c Briggs, b Shelton, 98; E. White, not out, 105; A. Cramer, b Shelton, 2; H. Poole, not out, 0; C. Prescott, C. Fisher, D. Jeffery, A. Hendon to bat; extras, 28; total, 324.

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