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Web Opera

Featuring all the music, lyrics and dialogue
and illustrated with historic photographs of productions by
The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

The MIDI files for this opera are the work of several people including Chris Bailward, Colin Johnson and others.They can be accessed from the individual song pages or downloaded as single zipped files in both MIDI [104KB] and Karaoke [137 KB] format.

  Introduction [16 KB, 3' 00"]

Act I

No. 1 "Search throughout the panorama" (Chorus with Solo — Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 2 "Now hearken to my strict command" (Hildebrand & Chorus)
No. 3 "Today we meet...Ida was a twelve-month old" (Hilarion)
  >> Dialogue
& 5
"From the distant panorama" (Chorus)
"We are warriors three" (Arac, Guron, Scynthius & Chorus)
No. 6 "If you give me your attention" (Gama)
  >> Dialogue
No. 7 "P'raps if you address the lady" — Finale

Act II

No. 8 "Towards the empyrean heights" (Chorus with Solos — Lady Psyche, Melissa & Chloe)
  >> Dialogue
No. 9 "Mighty maiden with a mission" (Chorus)
No. 10 "Minerva! Minerva!...Oh, goddess wise" (Princess Ida)
  >> Dialogue
No. 10a "And thus to empyrean height" (Chorus)
  >> Dialogue
No. 11 "Come mighty Must!" (Lady Blanche)
No. 12 "Gently, gently" (Hilarion, Cyril & Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 13 "I am a maiden, cold and stately" (Hilarion, Cyril & Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 14 "The world is but a broken toy" (Princess Ida, Hilarion, Cyril & Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 15 "A Lady fair, of lineage high" (Lady Psyche with Hilarion, Cyril & Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 16 "A woman of the wisest wit" (Lady Psyche, Melissa, Hilarion, Cyril & Florian)
  >> Dialogue
No. 17 "Now wouldn't you like to rule the roast?" (Melissa & Lady Blanche)
  >> Dialogue
No. 18 "Merrily ring the luncheon bell" (Chorus with Solos — Lady Blanche & Cyril)
  >> Dialogue
No. 19 "Would you know the kind of maid" (Cyril) & Dialogue through music.
No. 20 "Oh! joy, our chief is saved" — Finale


No. 21 "Death to the invader" (Chorus with Solo — Melissa)
  >> Dialogue
No. 22 "I built upon a rock" (Princess Ida)
  >> Dialogue
No. 23 "Whene'er I spoke" (Gama)
  >> Dialogue
No. 24 "When anger spreads his wing" (Chorus)
  >> Dialogue
No. 25 "This helmet, I suppose" (Arac with Guron, Scynthius & Chorus)
No. 26 "This is our duty plain towards" (Chorus)
  >> Dialogue
No. 27 "With joy abiding" — Finale

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