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No. 3: RECITATIVE & BALLAD (Hilarion)
"To-day we meet...Ida was a twelve-month old"

(Enter Hilarion)

To-day we meet, my baby bride and I —
But ah, my hopes are balanced by my fears!
What transmutations have been conjured by
The silent alchemy of twenty years!

Ida was a twelve-month old,
Twenty years ago!
I was twice her age, I'm told,
Twenty years ago!
Husband twice as old as wife,
Argues ill for married life;
Baleful prophecies were rife,
Twenty years ago,
Twenty years ago!

Charles Goulding as Hilarion, 1920s
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John Fryatt as Hilarion, 1950s
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Still, I was a tiny Prince,
Twenty years ago!
She has gained upon me, since
Twenty years ago!
Though she's twenty-one, it's true,
I am barely twenty-two;
False and foolish prophets you
Twenty years ago,
Twenty years ago!

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