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Dialogue following No. 12


So that’s the Princess Ida’s castle! Well,
They must be lovely girls, indeed, if it requires
Such walls as those to keep intruders off!


To keep men off is only half their charge,
And that the easier half. I much suspect
The object of these walls is not so much
To keep men off as keep the maidens in!

Florian. But what are these? (Examining some Collegiate robes.)

(looking at them)

Why, Academic robes,

Worn by the lady undergraduates
When they matriculate. Let’s try them on. (They do so.)
Why, see – we’re covered to the very toes.
Three lovely lady undergraduates
Who, weary of the world and all its wooing –

Florian. And penitent for deeds there’s no undoing –
Cyril. Looked at askance by well-conducted maids –
All. Seek sanctuary in these classic shades!

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