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Dialogue following No. 17

Melissa. Saved for a time, at least!

Enter Florian , on tiptoe.

Florian. (whispering) Melissa – come!
Melissa. Oh, sir! you must away from this at once –
My mother guessed your sex! It was my fault –
I blushed and stammered so that she exclaimed,
“Can these be men?” Then, seeing this, “Why these –
Are men”, she would have added, but “are men
Stuck in her throat! She keeps your secret, sir,
For reasons of her own – but fly from this
And take me with you – that is – no – not that!
Florian. I’ll go, but not without you! (Bell.) Why, what’s that?
Melissa. The luncheon bell.
Florian.   I’ll wait for luncheon then!

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