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No. 22: SONG (Princess Ida)
"I built upon a rock"

I built upon a rock,
But ere Destruction's hand
Dealt equal lot
To Court and cot,
My rock had turn'd to sand!
I leant upon an oak,
But in the hour of need,
My trusted stay
Was but a bruisèd reed,
A bruisèd reed!
Ah faithless rock,
My simple faith to mock!
Ah trait'rous oak,
Thy worthlessness to cloak,
Thy worthlessness to cloak!
Victoria Sladen as Princess Ida, 1954
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I drew a sword of steel,
But when to home and hearth
The battle's breath
Bore fire and death,
My sword was but a lath!
I lit a beacon fire,
But on a stormy day
Of frost and rime,
In wintertime,
My fire had died away,
Had died away!
Ah, coward steel,
That fear can unanneal!
False fire indeed,
To fail me in my need,
To fail me in my need!

Princess sinks upon a rock.

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