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No. 26: CHORUS
"This is our duty plain towards"

Enter Hilarion, Florian, and Cyril.

Desperate fight between the three Princes and the three Knights, during which the Ladies on the battlements and the Soldiers on the stage sing the following chorus:

This is our duty plain towards
Our Princess all immaculate,
We ought to bless her brother's swords
And piously ejaculate!
Oh, Hungary! Oh, Hungary!
Oh, doughty sons of Hungary!
May all success attend and bless
Your warlike ironmongery!
Hilarion! Hilarion! Hilarion!
1939 Production
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By this time, Arac, Guron, and Scynthius are on the ground, wounded — Hilarion, Cyril and Florian stand over them.

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