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Dialogue following No. 16

Robin.This is a painful state of things, old Adam!

Adam. Painful, indeed! Ah, my poor master, when I swore that, come what would, I would serve you in all things for ever, I little thought to what a pass it would bring me! The confidential adviser to the greatest villain unhung! Now, sir, to business. What crime do you propose to commit to-day?

Robin. How should I know? As my confidential adviser, it's your duty to suggest something.

Adam. Sir, I loathe the life you are leading, but a good old man's oath is paramount, and I obey. Richard Dauntless is here with pretty Rose Maybud, to ask your consent to their marriage. Poison their beer.

Robin. No — not that — I know I'm a bad Bart., but I'm not as bad a Bart. as all that.

Adam. Well, there you are, you see! It's no use my making suggestions if you don't adopt them.

Robin. (melodramatically) How would it be, do you think, were I to lure him here with cunning wile — bind him with good stout rope to yonder post — and then, by making hideous faces at him, curdle the heart-blood in his arteries, and freeze the very marrow in his bones? How say you, Adam, is not the scheme well planned?

Adam. It would be simply rude — nothing more. But soft — they come!

Adam and Robin retire up.

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