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The sole source for the text printed here is the libretto, published in 1897 by Boosey and Co. This text is not an opening night text. The opening night review in the Times specifically mentions two numbers (the conspirators' chorus "Sortez, sortez de ce couloir" and the song of the grindstones "Tournez, tournez, manivelles") not included herein. The cutting of these numbers (which were cut during the original French run and do not appear in the collected works of Meilhac and Halevy, though they appear in the vocal score) means that the entrance of the male chorus in Act III was revised to come later before the "Come to church" scene.

A duet for the Grand Duchess and General Boum ("O grandes lecons du passe") appears in the French vocal score at the beginning of Act III but nothing corresponds in the Savoy version. The Times review makes no mention of it.

The musical numbers of the original French version and the libretto printed here correspond as follows.

Overture (= Ouverture)

Act I.

1a. Before their martial ranks they serry (Chorus and recitative)
= En attendant que l'heure sonne (Choeur de soldats)
1b. Maidens, never mind us (Song and Chorus)
= Allez, jeunes filles, dansez et tournez (Chanson de Fritz)
1c. When I shout, through the battle's thunder (Song and Chorus)
= A cheval sur la discipline (Piff, paff, pouff)
2. Here I am! Here I am! (Duet)
= Me voici, me voici (Duo de Fritz et Wanda)
3a. Carry arms! present arms! carry arms! (Chorus and Solo)
= Portez armes! présentez armes! (Choeur)
3b. Soldiers! I'm simply mad about 'em! (Song and Chorus)
= Ah! que j'aime les militaires (Rondo de la Grande-Duchesse)
4. Oh, what a splendid regiment we are (Song of the Regiment)
= Ah! c'est un fameux regimént (Chanson du Regimént)
5. They say Prince Paul has gone a-wooing (Song)
= Pour épouser une princesse (Chronique de la Gazette de Hollande)
6a. 'Tis the bugle call to remind them (Chorus and Solos)
= Ils vont tous partir (Choeur de soldats)
6b. Here is my blessed father's sword! (Song of the Sword)
= Voici le sabre de mon père (Couplet du sabre)
6c. You need not be afraid
= Vous pouvez sans terreur (Depart de l'armee)

Act II.

7a. At last the war is really over (Chorus of Maids of Honour)
= Enfin, la guerre est terminée (Choeur des demoiselles d'honneur)
7b. I carried your portrait here in my pocket (Couplets of "the Letters")
= Je t'ai sur mon coeur (Couplets des lettres)
8a. Our soldiers victorious (Chorus and Song)
= Après la victoire (Retour de la guerre)
8b. All in good order, banners high (Song)
= En très bon ordre nous partîmes (Rondo de Fritz)
9. She said, "When next you behold him"/Say to him, his soldierly mien (Duet)
= Oui, general/Dites-lui qu'on l'a remarque (Duetto et declaration)
10. It will whiten your cheek/County Max in the world had to go forth (Ballad and Trio)
= Ne devinez-vous pas?/Max etait soldat de fortune (Trio bouffe et Ballade)

Act III.
Scene 1 (premier tableau)

11. It seems so strange to be together (Duet)
= Faut-il, mon Dieu, que je sois bête (Couplets des maries)
12. Come to church, noble lord, come to church! (Solo and Chorus)
= Bonne nuit, monsieur! (Nocturne)
13. Now to the fight you must proceed (Chorus and Scene)
= Ou nous irons chercher main forte (A cheval!)

Scene 2 (deuxieme tableau)

14a. To remain in cushionless pews (Drinking Chorus)
= Au repas comme à la bataille (Choeur de noce)
14b. I had a good old ancestor (Song of the Glass)
= Il était un de mes aïeux (Legende du Verre)
15. Oh, see my poor Fritz how he's battered/Your Highness I came at your call (Scena)
= Voici revenir mon pauvre homme/Eh bien, Altesse, me voilà! (Retour et complainte de Fritz)
16. At last I recover my plume! (Finale)
= Enfin j'ai repris le panache (Finale)

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