Tom and Bab

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Jane Annie


The Good Conduct Prize.

A New and Original English Comic Opera in Two Acts.

written by J.M. Barrie and Arthur Conan Doyle.
music by Ernest Ford .

This opera was produced at the Savoy Theatre
from May 13 to July 1, 1893 (50 performances).

Set in a girls' boarding school and the golf green attached to it. Bab, described by the authors as a "bad girl," plans to elope, but cannot decide whether to marry Jack the lancer or Tom the press student. Jane Annie, the school's "good girl," schemes to take one of them (Jack) off her hands, and calls on her powers of hypnotism to accomplish it.

  • Libretto:
  • Vocal Score (PDF, 41.7MB). submitted to the Archive by Arthur Robinson
  • Additional Lyrics -- two musical numbers which appear in the vocal score but not in the libretto.

The libretto, notes, introduction, midi files, and opening night review were submitted to the Gilbert & Sullivan Archive by Clifton Coles .

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