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So Forward Through the Fading Light

No. 11, Sung by Mirette

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So forward through the fading light,
Her faithless lover rode away,
Forgetting her he wooed last night,
And all the vows of yesterday.
"Ah stay! She loves thee so, Sir Knight!"
But ever still he rode away.
And all the birds were mute o'erhead,
And all the stars grew dark in Heaven,
Just for a word that was not said,
Just for a kiss that was not given!

And broken-hearted at the door,
The little maiden pined away,
Remembering all the love he swore,
The golden dreams of yesterday!
"Come back! She loves thee evermore!
Come back, Sir Knight, come back and stay!"
And then, ah! then, the word was said,
And then, ah! then, the kiss was given;
And all the birds sang overhead,
And earth was Heav'n, was Heav'n!


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