Gilbert and Sullivan Archive


Notes on the Text

by Clifton Coles

Miss Rosina Brandram as The Marquise Mirette exists in two widely differing versions, one produced in July 1894 and the other produced in October 1894.

Selwyn Tillett's article published in 1996 by the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society reveals that the libretto produced here is a pre-production text, including as it does some discrepancies left over from the original translation from the French. The character of the Baron, originally named Van Osborn, was apparently called Van Den Berg by opening night.

The opening-night libretto has eluded my searches, as has the vocal score pertaining to it. Conversely, I have seen the vocal score for the second version of the opera (October 1894) but I have not seen the libretto. The lyrics for the second version of the vocal score are included in a separate file, but do not include dialogue or synopsis of intervening material. The story that goes with these lyrics, which is somewhat different from that of the original, is summarized in The Complete Book of Light Opera by Mark Lubbock (New York, 1962), pages 660-662.

Page created 26 May 1998